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Mini Lock Keychain Set - Pistachio

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We believe keychains deserve to be beautiful. Introducing our mini lock keychain set ~ 3 lock screw enamel keychains that you can loop into a fun bracelet (or actually use for your keys). The lime green, sage, and pine colorways create an ombre like effect when styled all together.

Color: Lime green, sage, pine
Material: Metal, enamel
Dimensions: 1.5" L x .8" W

Customer Reviews

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lauren mata
Cute but disappointing

These tiny key rings were cute and just wanted for my keys. After just a week or so the enamel is already chipping and they unscrew really easily. Twice already keys have fallen off. Given the price and how long I have had them I wish I hadn’t bought them. Not worth it in my opinion.


They are cute any tiny and just what I was looking for. I use them for my keys and after just a week or so the enamel is already chipping and the clasps too easily come unscrewed and I have lost keys a few times this way already. I wish they would work because I like them, but they are disappointing and not worth the money in my opinion.

aubrey switzer

Mini Lock Keychain Set in Pistachio