We are committed to constant improvement in the realm of sustainability and ethical labor practices. 


We are living in a world where intentionally takes conscious effort. We love that people are asking questions. We are asking our manufacturers the same questions. 


We currently work with manufacturers in China and Thailand. Our manufacturer in Thailand uses recycled silver. We use a cellulose acetate for many of our hair clips and earrings. Cellulose acetate is a wood pulp and a renewable material.


We believe sustainability is a lot more than what the product material is. Quality is a huge aspect of sustainability. If a product is made well, it lasts longer. Our aim is to provide quality products that will last. We strongly believe quality is a huge contributor to sustainability. 


We are working on reducing waste and finding alternatives for all plastic packaging. We are currently working on this endeavor and continually looking for solutions. Our aim is to be a positive and progressive contributor in the sustainable space. 


We are also committed to ethical labor practices. We have developed strong relationships with our manufacturers and ask about their standards for fair labor practices.