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Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% entire purchase!
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The material used for our earrings is a cellulose acetate.Which is a non-petroleum base coming from wood pulp. Making it renewable resource.There are a few different materials used for our hair clips. Depending on the style: metal, cellulose acetate, plastic or an acrylic material.


Lu Lu . Leia . Yarrow style - Metal Material - 


Byron . Florence . Lani Style - Plastic Material 


Tortoise Duo Sets - Cellulose Acetate Material (wood pulp)


Lily Barrettes - Metal and Plastic Material



We work with manufactures in Asia on the design and production process.



We are very conscious of waste and using renewable materials at NAT + NOOR. It is easy to label something as eco-friendly, sustainable or natural. However, there are many factors that truly go into caring and making a difference in the eco space. There is the manufacturing process, all shipping materials and the product itself. Natalia, the founder of NAT + NOOR comes from a background of deeply caring about environmental issues. We have not perfected every aspect of making our business sustainable. But we are determined to improve. We are dedicated to being conscious of the whole process: the waste, the ethics and everything that goes into making a product. We are intentionally trying to be transparent about our process, constantly trying to improve and problem solve in order to lower environmental impact.