Triangle Clips - Forest
dark green metal triangle hair clips set

Triangle Clips - Forest

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A Nat + Noor classic, our triangle hair clips are designed to provide a secure and comfortable hold for everyday wear. Whether you're styling a messy bun, securing a half-up hairstyle, or simply pinning back some strands, these dark green metal hair clips are your go-to choice for a quick and effortless solution. We love that their simple clip-closure design takes the hassle out of hairstyling.

Color: Dark green
Material: Metal
Dimensions: 3.2" L

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Nerone
The best hair clips!

I have a lot of hair but it is very fine. Most hair clips cannot hold enough of my hair to make it worth it, and even if they can, my hair usually slips out. Not so with these hair clips - they hold a decent chunk of my hair and stay in place. I initially discovered them at store near my house and then found their Etsy shop so that I could buy different colors!

Tiffanie Pang
Beautiful color, but fit? Meh....

I bought these clips after reading the product description (strong grip) and the reviews that said these work great for fine hair. My hair is not fine but it is a bit on the thin side, and these slide right out. I also bought a set of the Flora clips and these are much more secure and grip my hair tighter... maybe because they are shorter? When I look at the side view of both clips, there is a visibly bigger gap in these triangle clips. Or perhaps I just received a pair that for some reason does not work as well as the rest.

Linda Olah
Great Product!

These hair clips are wonderful for fine hair and a bit longer than other clips! Fast customer service as well!

Liz look
Beautiful color

Love these clips

Kathleen McCormick
Love them

I have really thin hair and they work wonderfully. I haven’t work barrettes in years since the ones at the drug stores and greocery store are so tight it pulls your hair. Thank you fir inventing these clips.